When you work with Western Industries, Inc. our experience in rebar estimating, detailing, fabrication, and installation establishes a level of service not easily found in our industry. Our vast experience in reinforcing steel work across the country and over the last sixty years gives us a strong advantage over much of our competition. Your project deserves the leadership, professionalism and care that the team at Western Industries provides.

Reinforcing Steel Estimating:

  • For the contractor that wishes to self perform the rebar fabrication and rebar installation Western Industries can provide the expertise and support that you will need to get your project started off right. Our Firm uses the leading Industry Software “Soule Software” for our material and labor estimates. This software allows us to produce comprehensive reports that provide quantities for each fabrication type such as; Light Bending, Heavy Bending, Straight and Spiral. Our material take off includes a calculation of mechanical splices and welds.
  • Our labor estimates provides the quantities for each “Structural Activity” such as; Pier Footings that is separated from Pier Columns.
  • Our take offs for concrete accessories include Standees, Support Steel, Concrete Dobie’s, Bar Chairs and Tie Wire.
  • Click the following links to view pdf samples of our estimates:
  1. Bridge Estimate Structural Activity Code-SAC
  2. Bridge Estimate Labor
  3. Bridge Estimate Fabrication Type
  4. Bridge Estimate Pricing Summary
  1. Building Estimate Structural Activity Code-SAC
  2. Building Estimate Labor
  3. Building Estimate Fabrication Type


Reinforcing Steel Detailing

  • We use the leading industry software to prepare our Shop Drawings. Our RebarCAD Software works in conjunction with AutoCAD in order to provide accurate Shop Drawings for Fast Track Projects.
  • From our RebarCAD drawings we can produce a hard copy Bar-List or a downloadable electronic copy that can be emailed to the steel fabricator of your choice. This allows the contractor to have control over the quantities and enables the contractor to pocket the savings when under shipments occur.
  • If approved shop drawings are required our timely submittals will provide insight to problem areas for the engineer to address.
  • Click the links to see samples of our Rebar Detailing and Bar-Lists: SAMPLE BARLIST OF ABUTMENT-FTG,  SAMPLE BARLIST OF RETAINING WALL

Reinforcing Steel Fabrication

  • Our yard located in Enumclaw, WA. provides plenty of room to fabricate and store the stock steel.
  • From our software we produce durable computerized and weatherproof bar tags that will accurately identify each bar needed for your project.
  • Our tagging system associates the fabricated bar with the correct RebarCAD drawing number and with each SAC (Structural Activity Code)
  • Our integrated rebar detailing and tagging system provides clear and efficient communication to the field ironworkers for accurate and cost effective installation.
  • Click to see examples of our Bar Tags
  • Video to come of our Rebar Installation

Reinforcing Steel Installation

  • Our Firms provides quality reinforcing steel installation using Union Ironworkers.
  • Our legacy of experience involves project like; Waste Water Treatment Plants, Elevated Highway Bridge Structures, Transit Tunnels, High-rise Buildings, Hydro Electric Dams, Tilt-Up Wall Construction and Retaining Walls. Click HERE to see photo gallery of projects
  • Our firm can pre fabricate rebar shaft cages, rebar column cages and rebar beams at our yard. This provides an advantage for those projects with limited access.